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The Greatest Speakers and Experts of the Hydrogen Industry

The Greatest Keynotes of the Hydrogen Industry

How to scale up Green Hydrogen production

Dr. Graham Cooley

ITM Power | CEO

Dr. Graham Cooley joined ITM Power as CEO in 2009. ITM Power was the first hydrogen related company to be listed on the London Stock Market and has been developing electrolyser equipment for over 20 years. Graham has a PhD in physics, an MBA and is a Fellow of the Institute of Metals, Minerals and Mining (FIMMM). Graham also sits on a number of industry bodies and is a member of the UK Government’s Hydrogen Advisory Council.

How to drive down the cost of green H2 with modular electrolysers 

Vaitea Cowan

Enapter GmbH | Cofounder, Head of Communications

Vaitea Cowan cofounded Enapter, which scales the production of hydrogen generators. The team has grown from 11 to over 130 in 3 years. She has the clear intention of inspiring and hiring more women. She is on the Forbes Under 30 in Energy 2020 list, and has won several awards for Enapter. Today she spearheads the communications efforts from Berlin. As a Pacific Islander, her personal mission is to provide clean energy independence to Polynesia.

How to strengthen the EU with green hydrogen – H2Global make it!

Werner Diwald

German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association DWV | Chairman of the Board

2000 – 2008 Authorized Signatory Uckerwerk Energietechnik GmbH
2008 – 2013 Executive Manager ENERTRAG HyTec GmbH (Electrozlyzer Manufaktur)
2008 – 2013 Board Member Enertrag AG (international project development wind parks)
Since 2013 Executive Manager PtX.Solutions GmbH
Since 2014 Chairman DWV

How to convert a carbon neutral strategy – Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050

Ferry M. Franz

Toyota Motor Europe Group | Director of Representative Office Berlin and Hydrogen Affairs

2005 change to Toyota Deutschland GmbH in Cologne as Manager Dealer Network Development. After stations as Sales Director Lexus and General Manager Dealer Development, taking over overall responsibility for Lexus Germany. Since January 1st 2017 Director of Toyota Motor Europe Group Representative Office in Berlin, focusing on sustainable and innovative mobility (hydrogen & electric mobility, including coordinating function for France and UK), associations and politics.

How to drive zero-emission mobility

Morten Holum

Hexagon Purus AS | President & CEO

Morten Holum is President of Hexagon Purus and has been appointed in December 2019. Formerly he has been CEO of Saferoad Group, one of Europe´s largest road safety and road infrastructure suppliers and has held key positions in corporations such as Norske Skog, Norsk Hydro and American Airlines.

How to scale up the hydrogen fuel cell solution for transportation

Dr. Zhongjun Hou

Shanghai Hydrogen Propulsion Technology Co., Ltd. (SHPT) | Deputy General Manager

Dr. Zhongjun HOU received his doctor degree in chemical engineering from Dalian institute of chemical physics, CAS in 2003. He was devoted to R&D and industrialization of fuel cell technology during his career in both Sunrise Power and Shanghai Hydrogen Propulsion Technology. He led series of fuel cell power system product development for vehicles successfully.

How to build up a Hydrogen infrastructure

Nikolas Iwan

H2 MOBILITY Deutschland | CEO

Nikolas Iwan started his carrier with Shell where he was responsible for managing a network of 260 stations in Austria. Nikolas was always passionate about the energy transition and has found the perfect task 2016 with becoming CEO of H2 MOBILITY: the JV responsible for Hydrogen refueling infrastructure in Germany.

How to stimulate Global Trade: Latest IPHE Actions on Hydrogen

Tim Karlsson

International Partnership for Hydrogen and Fuel Cells in the Economy (IPHE) | Executive Director

Tim Karlsson is Executive Director of the International Partnership for IPHE Secretariat, since 2015. The IPHE is an inter-governmental partnership of 21 countries and the European Commission, working to help facilitate the transition to clean and efficient energy, industry, and mobility systems using hydrogen and fuel cells technologies.

How to protect our climate and maintain industrial strength: Green H2!

Dr. Stefan Kaufmann MdB

Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) | Innovation Commissioner for Green Hydrogen 

Dr. Stefan Kaufmann has served as Innovation Commissioner for Green Hydrogen at the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) since June 19, 2020. The Innovation Commissioner for Green Hydrogen is a permanent guest on the State Secretaries’ Committee for Hydrogen of the participating ministries as well as the National Hydrogen Council.

How to deploy as fast as possible and massively carbon-free hydrogen

Paul Lucchese

Hydrogen IEA Technology Collaboration Programme | Chair 

Paul Lucchese is an energy engineer at French Research Institute, CEA. Convinced as early as 2000 that Hydrogen will play a key role in energy transition, he has devoted more than 20 years to develop hydrogen technologies at CEA and promote hydrogen international collaboration through proactive leadership at IPHE, IEA as well as  the European FCH-JU he co-funded in 2007 as chair of Hydrogen Europe Research he leaded 8 years.

How to produce the cheapest green hydrogen in the world. Desertec 3.0

Cornelius Matthes

Dii Desert Energy | CEO

As the CEO at Dii Desert Energy, Cornelius made its mission to drive the energy transition forward and pioneer the field of energy from the desert, leading the world to 100% renewables!

How to develop the beyond zero Hydrogen building of the future

Joachim Schober

Autohaus Schober GmbH & Co. KG | CEO

Joachim Schober is a hydrogen visionary and owner of a German TOYOTA dealership. His motivation is to accelerate the transformation to a hydrogen society. For this reason, he developed both an energy self-sufficient, solar building-power-plant with combined heat and power and a public hydrogen filling station. By means of a mobility concept, he compensates for the currently still missing hydrogen demand and ensures an economically viable operation of the – even more than – climate-neutral energy system. Schober will show how this works and which factors play an important role in his keynote.

How to Build a Hydrogen Economy: faster together with Scotland

Paul Wheelhouse MSP

Scottish Government | Minister for Energy, Connectivity and the Islands

Paul worked for 19 years in economic consultancy for public and private sector clients prior to his election in May 2011. He has previously served as Minister for Environment and Climate Change (2012-2014), Minister for Community Safety and Legal Affairs (2014-2016) and Minister for Business, Innovation and Energy (2016-2018), and prior to ministerial office was a member of the Scottish Parliament’s Finance Committee and the Parliament’s Standards Committee.

Dr. Nigel Holmes

Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (SHFCA) | Chief Executive 

Nigel Holmes has been a member of the Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (SHFCA) since 2005, and became Chief Executive Officer of SHFCA in April 2011. Over the past ten years he has increased the SHFCA membership fourfold and has established SHFCA as one of the most proactive H&FC industry associations in Europe. Nigel has over 40 years of experience working in low carbon energy generation, supply, and use.

#HOW 2021 – Highlights of Part 1

Dr.-Ing. David Wenger

Mission Hydrogen GmbH | Founder

Dr. David Wenger, Founder of Wenger Engineering GmbH and Mission Hydrogen GmbH is a recognized expert in the field of hydrogen. With more than 16 years of experience Wenger Engineering has done more than 250 projects from California to Australia on hydrogen storage, infrastructure, and hydrogen systems development.

How to Accelerate: Bold Action & Focused Support

Daryl Wilson

Hydrogen Council | Executive Director

Daryl Wilson is a versatile leader with more than 35 years of progressive industrial management experience in environmental technology, operations, manufacturing, human resources, product development, and organizational change developed in world class organisations, including Dofasco, Toyota, and Zenon Environmental. For the last 14 years, Daryl Wilson served as CEO of Hydrogenics, a leading provider of advanced hydrogen solutions.

How to lead a traditional automotive supplier into a sustainable future

Dr. Stefan Wolf

ElringKlinger AG| Chairman of the Management Board

Dr. Stefan Wolf worked from 1994 to 1997 as a lawyer with German legal firm Thümmel, Schütze & Partner. In 1997 he joined Elring Klinger GmbH in the role of General Counsel. From 1998 to 2000 he was head of Legal Affairs and Personnel for Elring Klinger GmbH. Following the IPO of ElringKlinger AG in the year 2000, Dr. Stefan Wolf took on additional management responsibility for Investor Relations and Capital Markets. In 2004 he was appointed General Representative of the Management Board of ElringKlinger AG, in 2005 Management Board Spokesman and in 2006 Chairman of the Board. In this capacity he is responsible for Group companies, the corporate functions Business Development, Legal Affairs, Human Resources, Investor Relations and Corporate Communications, the Aftermarket division as well as Original Equipment Sales.