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March 25, 2021 –  Start: 9:00 (CET) in the morning 24 hours | Online

Hydrogen Online Workshop (HOW) is a unique interactive workshop platform to discuss the most important questions of the hydrogen industry. 100+ world class experts, 150+ exhibitors, 10,000+ participants.
Join the worldwide community and discuss HOW to make
the world a better place.

Let’s discuss HOW to…


Scale up and reduce the cost


Increase reliability and efficiency


Ensure safety


Harmonize Codes and Standards


Improve the legal and political framework



What is the Hydrogen Online Workshop (HOW)?

HOW is the largest interactive Hydrogen Workshop with 10,000+ participants from 70+ countries.


HOW will help you to…
  1. get more customers and the right project partners
  2. find the ideal suppliers and better tools
  3. get funding or investors
  4. disseminate best practice and turn scientific results into products

Hydrogen Online Workshop is 24 hours of  groundbreaking, up to date and inspiring content from world class experts and leaders.

Join the discussions and get answers to your most important questions. Discuss in the networking area with other community members. Meet new customers and project partners.

You’ll leave HOW with lots of knowledge, ideas and inspiration for your own company or institution.

Your Benefits – for FREE

Join for FREE

The Live Ticket is for free. No management approval needed. 

24h of Knowledge

24 hours straight. Full of inspiration, best practice and great insights.

Easy to Access

Join from your desk. All you need is a computer or a mobile phone with access to the internet. No jet lag, no travel.

Q&A with Speakers

Every presentation will be followed by a Q&A session with the speaker. Get the answers to your questions.

Your Ticket Options

– Early Bird Rate plus VAT (limited offer)
– For the FREE Live Ticket you will receive an e-mail confirmation directly.
– For the Silver or Gold Ticket you will receive an invoice after the order.
– You will receive your ticket, your login credentials and further information shortly before the conference on October 8.
– You will receive access to the bonus packages for the Silver and Gold Ticket approx. one week after the event.


Benefit as Sponsor? Contact Silke Frank: silke.frank@mission-hydrogen.de

Days until the HOW starts









Hydrogen Online Workshop is your unique interactive Workshop platform in 2021.

24 hours straight, all time zones, 30+ speakers, 10,000+ participants, Q&A sessions, held on March 25, 2021 – Start 9:00 (CET) in the morning.

What is the Hydrogen Online Workshop

HOW is the largest hydrogen workshop in the world in 2021. It is purely online, 24 hours straight and provides you with the best hydrogen knowledge.

Can I become a Speaker?

Yes. Please contact Ms. Silke FRANK (silke.frank@mission-hydrogen.de) to discuss with her your topic and goals.

Can I become a Sponsor?

Yes.  Please contact Silke Frank (silke.frank@mission-hydrogen.de) to learn more about the sponsorship opportunities.

How can I join?

After your registration has been approved you will get a link and an access code. All you need is a computer with access to the internet (no travel required).

Who is the Host of HOW?

HOW is hosted by Mission Hydrogen GmbH, a leading hydrogen online marketing company. Learn more about Mission Hydrogen here.

Can I become an Exhibitor?

Yes. Please contact Irma Grandel  (irma.grandel@mission-hydrogen.de or +49 7195 90439-11)

Interested in Sponsoring HOW?

Please contact Silke Frank to learn more about the sponsorship opportunities: silke.frank@mission-hydrogen.de


At Mission Hydrogen we aim to support, promote and enable the hydrogen society. Mission Hydrogen is the independent partner of the community, organizes events and does consultancy for companies on their way to a profitable hydrogen future.

Silke Frank, CEO Mission Hydrogen GmbH




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