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I’m impressed about the amount of high ranking professional that Mission Hydrogen was able to bring up. I congratulate the team for excellent work of bringing hydrogen industry and the right officials under “one roof”!

Miha Trunkelj

Head of Businesses Development, IMP Promont

It was a great program, very informative, full of promises and challenges, visions and guidelines!

Dr. Omkar Kushwaha

Senior Principal Project Scientist, IIT Madras

Great event with brilliant speakers. I have attended for more than six hours!

Michael Gauglitz

VP Business Development Europe, Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd

I really enjoyed the Hydrogen Online Conference.  The lineup and energy of the speakers was great and the discussions quite insightful and honest. 

Sharad Goenka

Business Executive & Consultant, Energy Transition

Thank you for another very exciting Hydrogen Online Conference. I have attended several very interesting keynotes!

Maximilian Kuhnert

Sales Manager, H-TEC SYSTEMS

Mission Hydrogen´s online conference was an example of what the hydrogenconversation needs: global access to in-depth and well-prepared speakers representing a reange of industry, technology and diversity of thought!

Doreen Abeysundra

Principal, Fresco CleanTech Solutions

Thanks to the Mission Hydrogen Team for organizing such a great event. It’s very useful information and I got to connect with the hydrogen community!

Dr Shabana Shaikh

Technical Project Leader-Product Advisor, Cummins Inc.

I thoroughly enjoyed the conference, which provided valuable insights into the global hydrogen initiatives!

Revati Dokhe

Project Trainee, CSIR- National Chemical Laboratory

Amazing 24hrs, thank you for organising. I joined on and off and found it very insightful. Sharing and learning from those dedicated to making change happen!

Ian Beresford

Global Strategic Marketing Manager, Victrex

Very interesting, many people around the world participated in this event. I loved it!

Angela Lorena Cardenas

Professor, Colombian School of Engineering Julio Garavito

I liked the high quality and experience of the presenters. The topics have been explained very well and in Detail, even for a non-expert!

Ralf Wieser

Lifecycle Manager, Carl Zeiss Meditec AG

Excellent Conference! It was rich in information, data, samples and ideas. Basic conference for presenting and talking, for a realistic information and orientation!

It has been an excellent conference with a great combination of commercial and technical information user cases, a great overview, also of challenges and opportunities for the future

For sure, this conference is the best one ever, in terms of format and depth. Congratulations to the organizers and the sponsors!

I liked the good mix of technical and commercial information combined with the industry´s use cases, challenges and opportunities!

Way to Go Hydrogen Mission. A lot of knowledge presented & shared. People can know, what is happening world wide!

I liked the conveying of timely, relevant information mixed with industry excitement and professional camaraderie!

All the information delivered by the top industry experts was amazing. Looking forward for similar talks…..!

Thanks to David and his colleagues at Mission Hydrogen, great event with valuable achievements!

Thanks for all the presentations! They were an eye opener for me!

Thank you! Congratulations on the event, it was spectacular!