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HOW 2022 Collection

The Greatest Speakers of the

Hydrogen Industry at the HOW 2022

Mark Abramowitz

How to Overcome Barriers to Hydrogen Development in California

Mark Abramowitz
Community Environmental Services | President

The award-winning environmentalist and anti-smog campaigner who is recognized for breathing fresh air into pollution issues in the United States



Katya Akulinicheva

How to Tackle Aviation’s Full Climate Impact with Hydrogen

Katya Akulinicheva
ZeroAvia | CFO

Investment magnet, multimillion-dollar dealmaker and champion for sustainability who is helping propel clean aviation to new heights

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Nanna Baldvinsdottir

How to unlock Iceland‘s hydrogen potential

Nanna Baldvinsdóttir
IðunnH2 | Co-Founder

A passionate Hydrogen entrepreneur and expert on Iceland’s unique energy landscape who is developing the use of the country’s low-cost green Hydrogen

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Jorgo Chatzimarkakis

How to propell global carbon neutrality with the EU Hydrogen Industry

Jorgo Chatzimarkakis
Hydrogen Europe | CEO

An early supporter of Hydrogen and fuel cells as a clean technology who is focused on accelerating adoption in the energy and transport sectors

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Werner Diwald

How to deal with Green Hydrogen as Global Commodity

Werner Diwald
German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association DWV | Chairman of the Board

A leading voice in both political and industry circles who has successfully helped push Hydrogen to the top of Germany’s policy agenda

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Zoltan Elek

How to benefit from 10+ years of experience in biomethane trading

Zoltan Elek
Landwärme | CEO

An ambitious game-changer, MBA and drum beater for renewable energies whose green gas supply company is now Europe’s leading biomethane trader

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Dolf Gielen

How to accelerate Green Hydrogen

Dolf Gielen
International Renewable Energy Agency IRENA | Director IRENA Innovation and Technology Centre Bonn

A former chief at the United Nation’s industrial development arm whose seminal scientific paper on renewables continues to clock up citations

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Nikolas Iwan

How to build a profitable hydrogen refuelling network

Nikolas Iwan
H2 MOBILITY Deutschland | CEO

An innovative leader whose relentless enthusiasm is driving infrastructure build-out across Germany, aiming initially at 100 Hydrogen filling stations

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Matthias Jurytko

How to power sustainable zero-emission drive technology

Dr. Matthias Jurytko
cellcentric GmbH & Co. KG | CEO & Managing Director

Truck expert now spearheading an ambitious fuel cell joint venture after three decades at Mercedes-Benz and Daimler Truck in Europe and South Africa

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Mark Kirby

How to build on Canada’s long history in hydrogen and fuel cells

Mark Kirby
Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association CHFCA | President & CEO

A seasoned chemicals and clean technology executive championing international alliances and pushing for Hydrogen and fuel cell commercialization

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Alan Kneisz

How to Scale up Hydrogen Fuel Cells for Mass Adoption

Alan Kneisz
Cummins Inc. | Global Business Development Director

Thought leader and advocate who is developing markets in Asia Pacific, the Middle East and Europe for a heavyweight in electrolyzer and fuel cell tech

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Paul Lucchese

How to overcome the main hurdles for massive hydrogen deployment

Paul Lucchese
IEA Hydrogen TCP | Chair

A thinker, overseer and energy systems expert dedicated to accelerating the deployment of Hydrogen technologies through international cooperation

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Eiji Ohira

How to realize hydrogen based society: Japan’s perspective

Eiji Ohira
New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization NEDO | Director

A key figure in Japan’s mission to realize a Hydrogen society, responsible for strategy and coordination of multiple fuel cell and Hydrogen projects

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Jesse Schneider

How to replace Fossil Fuels with Carbon-Free ZEV Infrastructure

Jesse Schneider
ZEV Station | CEO / CTO

20+ Year Veteran from BMW, Mercedes, Proton Motor & Nikola, ISO & SAE an accomplished engineering leader in the research, design and development of electric vehicles and fuel cell drivetrains and hydrogen stations

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The Greatest Workshops of the

Hydrogen Industry at the HOW 2022

How to use hydrogen CHP systems to produce electricity and heat


Andre Banken
2G Energy AG | Director of International Business Development


Learn how Hydrogen combined heat and power solutions can provide sustainable, controllable decentralized electricity. Find out about the technology, system design, business models and much more.


How to use thermoplastic composites for hydrogen storage


Lucas Ciccarelli
AFPT GmbH | Project Development Engineer
Coert Kok
AFPT GmbH | Business Development Director
Gilles Hochstetter
Arkema | UD Tape Program Manager


Ever wondered how thermoplastic pressure vessels are made? Learn about their history, design and the latest production techniques while gaining an appreciation of their benefits and limiting factors.


How to start an Energy Transition in Brazil based on green Hydrogen


Monica Saraiva Panik
Hydrogen Specialist Latin America & Caribbean
Ansgar Pinkowski
German Brazilian Chamber of Commerce, Rio de Janeiro | Innovation, Energy and Sustainability Director
Daniel Lopes
Hytron / NEUMAN + ESSER GROUP | Commercial Director
Prof. Nivalde de Castro
UFRJ | Professor || GESEL | Chairman


Brazil, with its high potential for renewable power generation, and Germany, with its technical expertise, are quite a match. Uncover the joint projects carried out by these countries in recent years.


How to design a fuel cell powered vehicle and size its components


Tanguy Deren
Akka Technologies | Head of Hydrogen Programs


Brought to you by a company that has been designing Hydrogen solutions since 2014, this session will dig deep into the design method used for the research project MEVP – Multi Energy Vehicle Platform.


How to produce renewable hydrogen


Dr. Hanno Butsch
BBH Consulting AG | Partner Counsel
Fabian Rottmann
BBH Consulting AG | Senior Consultant


What actually is “green” Hydrogen? Or “renewable” Hydrogen for that matter? Learn more about the EU Commission’s announced definition and the impact nuances might have on electrolyzer funding and operations.


How to automate Hydrogen


Lennart Winkler
Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG | Process Industry Management
Nils Johannsen
Beckhoff Automation GmbH & Co. KG | Technical Management Wind Energy


Join this workshop for a practical foray into the world of automation: from hardware configuration to software implementation and simulation of Beckhoff’s PC-based control system.


How to Accelerate a Hydrogen Society with Current Gas Pipe Technology


Takuya Hasegawa
Birdy Fuel Cells LLC | Joint Representative, President and CTO
Katsuhiko Hirose
HyWealth CO. | CEO and Chief Consultant
Seiichiro Kimura
Renewable Energy Institute | Senior Researcher


Hydrogen pipelines and electricity grids can transport renewable energy over short and long distances. Here you’ll find out about the options for energy transport and storage in a Japanese scenario.


How to Compress Large H2 Volumes Oil-Free for High-Pressure Use


Veronika Schelling
Burckhardt Compression | Sales Manager H2 for Mobility & Energy
Luzi Valär
Burckhardt Compression | Vice President Research & Development


Ready to turn up the volume? Learn why Burckhardt Compression’s oil-free piston compressors are the most reliable choice for various Hydrogen applications and ready for scale-up.


How to structure and finance H2 projects


Thomas Engelmann
KGAL Investment Management GmbH & Co. KG | Head of Energy Transition
Mira Kohlberg
Deutsche Kreditbank AG | Specialist Energy Solutions, Department New Energies
Dr. Erich Pick
Green Planet Energy | Head of Energy Systems and Technological Development
Henning Prigge
Capcora | Director Energy & Infrastructure


Learn more about making H2 projects investable and bankable. Get a general overview as well as analysis from the equity and debt perspective, not to mention key takeaways from current H2 projects.


How to make public transportation green


Tom George
Clean Logistics SE | Chief Operating Officer
Markus Körner
Clean Logistics SE | Head of Sales


The world is demanding more sustainable public transport. Discover the opportunities and potential solutions for large buses with zero-emission propulsion systems, including vehicle conversion.


How to slot-die coat electrolyzer materials


Dr. Fabian Kruska
Coatema® Coating Machinery GmbH | Project Manager
Thomas Kolbusch
Coatema® Coating Machinery GmbH | Director Sales, Marketing, Technology, Vice President
Thomas Exlager
Coatema® Coating Machinery GmbH | Junior Scientist/Slot die expert


Discover solutions for roll-to-roll electrolyzer production and get the latest info on coating and drying methods for electrolysis. The Coatema experts will guide you through the choices.


How to test and assemble effectively fuel cell and hydrogen components


Pierre Pacot
DAM Group | Sales Manager


Up your knowledge of leak testing for FC bipolar plates and membranes, not to mention stack characterization and conditioning. Plus, you’ll learn how IT systems could improve your test sequences.


How to analyze and mitigate hydrogen safety risks based on examples


Oliver Bornholdt
Dräger Safety | Global Business Development Manager
Benedikt Schinzel
Dräger Safety | Consultant Safety & Emergency Management


Learn how to meet regulations and safety standards from the global experts in on-the-job safety. Real-life examples will provide an illuminating insight into safe Hydrogen operation and documentation.


How to design hydrogen systems for various vehicle applications


Roberto Diesel
EDAG Engineering GmbH | Vice President Energy System and Drive Train
Dr.-Ing. Andreas Viehmann
EDAG Engineering GmbH | Head of Competence Center Drivetrain and Storage Systems
Dr.-Ing. Stefan Caba
EDAG Engineering GmbH | Head of Competence Center Sustainable Vehicle Development


Delve into the challenges and solutions for Hydrogen in the automotive industry as H2 systems are adapted and integrated into vehicles. The global mobility engineering experts will be your guide.


How to shape the political framework and create first business models


Dr. Tobias Block
eFuel Alliance | Head of Strategy and Content


Here, you’ll be able to update your knowledge of EU climate regulations and their economic impact. Plus, you can explore how to create initial business models for Hydrogen and its derivates.


How to make cost efficient bipolar plates: Electrolyzer & Fuel cells


Dr. Thorsten Hickmann
Eisenhuth GmbH & Co. KG | CEO


For fuel cells and electrolyzers, choosing the right material for bipolar plates is key. Discover new materials based on graphite, titanium and nickel as well as Eisenhuth’s endless production method.


How to push State of Cearás potential as Brazil Green Hydrogen House?


Monica Saraiva Panik
Hydrogen Specialist Latin America & Caribbean
Joaquim Rolim
Industry Federation State of Ceará, Brazil (FIEC) | Energy Coordinator
Constantino Frate Junior
Secretariat for Development and Work State of Ceará, Brazil | Technical Consultant
Cayo Moraes
EDP Energia | Project Manager Green Hydrogen Project Pecém


A pioneer in renewable energy generation, Ceará was the first state in Brazil to launch a green hydrogen hub at the Port of Pecém. Discover its journey as it seeks to become a global H2 player.


How to process ammonia as hydrogen carrier for energy generation


Dr. Gunther Kolb
Fraunhofer Institute for Microengineering and Microsystems IMM | Head of Division Energy
Dr. Peter Wernig
Fraunhofer Institute for Microengineering and Microsystems IMM | Research Assistant


Renewable ammonia has the potential to solve many Hydrogen transportation and storage issues. Find out about its advantages and how it could serve as an effective Hydrogen carrier in the future.


How to Characterize Degradation in Fuel Cell MEAs


Dr. Matthias Klingele
Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISE | Head of Group Cell Analysis and Materials


Learn how to characterize degradation on a single cell testing level. This workshop will guide you through basic electrochemical measurements, typical failure modes and various degradation protocols.


How to Grow Power Plants: Cultivating Green Ammonia


Shelli Zargary
GenCell | Marketing Content & Strategy Manager


Exploring a novel approach to synthesizing green ammonia fuel that together with fuel cells and ammonia crackers will enable self-sustained well-to-wheel zero-emission power generation and storage.


How to create a Market Mechanism for European Hydrogen Trade: H2Europe


Werner Diwald
German Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association DWV | Chairman of the Board
Dr. Kirsten Westphal
H2Global-Advisory | Chair
Jorgo Chatzimarkakis
Hydrogen Europe | CEO
Dr. Axel Wietfeld
Uniper Hydrogen GmbH | CEO
Shiva Dustdar
European Investment Bank | Head of Division in the Innovation Finance Advisory


Explore how the H2Global funding mechanism can be transferred to Europe. The objective: to support the ramp-up of the Hydrogen economy and production capacities for green Hydrogen and PtX products.


How to store hydrogen in metal hydrides


Peter Kottusch
GfE Metalle und Materialien GmbH | Director of International Sales Alloys
Matthias Achtermann
GfE Metalle und Materialien GmbH | Manager Product Development
Dr. Volker Güther
GfE Metalle und Materialien GmbH | Senior Scientist


It’s not all about gas! Hydrogen can also be stored in solid form as a hydride. Get the latest on metal hydride alloys and discover how they work and how they compare to other storage technologies.


How to explore & discover new grounds for better fuel cell performance


Fabian Kapp
Graebener® Bipolar Plate Technologies | Managing Director
Mike Horn
GEN Z | Explorer and CEO
Johann Lejosne
CEA | Partnership Manager
Sebastien Benoit
CEA | Head of the PEMFC fuel cell department


Explorer Mike Horn joins engineering experts from Graebener and CEA to discuss the GEN Z project which aims to produce a fuel cell system with improved performance of up to 30% higher efficiency.


How to Explore Cross-Border Technology Cooperation between Asia and Germany


Hiroshi Iwamura
Germany Trade and Invest | Director Japan
Heiko Staubitz
Germany Trade and Invest | Senior Manager Hydrogen & Energy Infrastructure
Dr. Namiko Murayama
thyssenkrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers (Japan Ltd) | Group Manager of Green Hydrogen
Volker Tetzlaff
Siemens AG | Large Drives, Head of Global Account Management & Hydrogen Business Development


Get up to speed on Germany’s National Hydrogen Strategy. With EUR 9 billion of funding available for green H2 projects, there are plentiful business chances for the global Hydrogen community including Asia.
thyssenkrupp Uhde Chlorine Engineers (Japan) Ltd, Siemens AG and Germany Trade and Invest will present the framework and opportunities for international cooperation.


Wie man das kleinste Molekül zähmt: Eichung + Betrieb von H2-Stationen (IN GERMAN)


Lorenz Jung
H2 MOBILITY Deutschland | Chief Projects Officer
Frank Fronzke
H2 MOBILITY Deutschland | Chief Operations Officer
Stefan Schirm
H2 MOBILITY Deutschland | Operations Engineer


There’s more to meters than you think, with devices needing official calibration for accounting and billing. Learn about H2 MOBILITY’s new metering system and draw on its refueling station expertise.


How to scale hydrogen infrastructure with mobile refueling stations


Matthias Kötter
Wystrach GmbH | Head of Sales
Hartmut Fehrenbach
Hexagon Purus | Vice President Hydrogen Distribution


Come along to this workshop to find out how plug-and-play Hydrogen refueling stations represent a versatile option for filling up a wide range of vehicles – from trains to trucks.


How to interpret the EU’s Fit for 55 measures and gauge their impact


Juriaan van Tilburg
Hinicio | Manager – The Netherlands


Gain an overview of the Fit for 55 package – the first of its kind – and the effect this will have on renewable and low-carbon Hydrogen and e-fuel production inside and outside the European Union.


How to build the first hydrogen fueling station network in a country


Colin Armstrong
HTEC | President & CEO
Jeff Grant
Zen Energy Solutions | Principal
Matthew Klippenstein
Hydrogen BC | Regional Manager, Western Canada and Branch Manager
Stephen Beatty
Toyota Canada Inc | Vice President, Corporate
Shannon Halliday
HTEC | Vice President, Sales & Marketing


Find out how to successfully develop and operate a country’s first network of hydrogen refueling stations. This workshop reveals all, with lessons learned from first-mover markets in North America.


How to ensure the hydrogen quality in refueling stations


Dr. Torsten Bley
HYDAC Electronic GmbH | Project leader advanced development
Christof Gränitz
HYDAC International GmbH | Head of E-Mobility
Thomas Schittek
HYDAC International GmbH | Global Coordinator Technical Cleanliness


Uncover a novel approach to ensuring Hydrogen quality at refueling stations with sensor technology that measures chemical contaminations of Hydrogen according to SAE J2719 at 70 MPa.


How to use hydrogen to decarbonize aviation and air mobility


Dietmar Trees
HyPoint | Program Manager


Learn about the weight challenge to zero-emission aviation, and how it is solved by HyPoint’s revolutionary Turbo-Air-Cooled Hydrogen FC system achieving a performance of 2 kW/kg and 1.5 kWh/kg.


How to Convert Heavy-Duty Fleets to Hydrogen Power


Craig Knight
Hyzon | Co-Founder and CEO
Marcel Lobbes
Hyzon | Senior Sales and BD Manager Europe


Interested in converting your fleet to Hydrogen, but not sure where to start? Then this workshop is for you! The presenters will guide you through the transition process step by step.


How to leverage oil & gas expertise into green hydrogen plants design


Alberto Pedrini
IMI Remosa | Hydrogen BD / Engineering Manager


Explore how engineering and manufacturing knowledge gained in the oil & gas industry and critical applications can be readily transferred to electrolyzers and green Hydrogen plants.


How to Unleash the Green Hydrogen Economy in Africa


Badr Ikken
Research Institute for Solar Energy and New Energies (IRESEN) | CEO and Co-Founder
Erica Bhasin
Advisian | Decarbonization & Energy Transition Consultant
Cédric Philibert
IFRI | Energy and Climate change Analyst
Rachel Fakhry
Natural Resources Defense Council | Senior Advocate


Thanks to its growing H2 economy, driven by R&D and the increasing capacity of renewable energy in the power mix, Africa could become a major producer and exporter of green Hydrogen. Find out how!


How to transform conventional engines into high-performance H2 engines


Alvaro Sousa
KEYOU GmbH | Chief Technology Officer
Georg Volpert
KEYOU GmbH | Unit Lead Project Management
Pedro Bravo
KEYOU GmbH | Head of Business Development


KEYOU explains the development, drive concept and technical workings of the hydrogen internal combustion engine and provides expert insights on the integration of a hydrogen engine into a 12 m bus and 18 t truck.


Luigi Bonadio & Associates

How to plan, design and implement hydrogen plants


Luigi Bonadio
Luigi Bonadio & Associates | Director
Dr. Noel Dunlop
Energys Australia | Vice President & Founder


Gain a better appreciation of the do’s and don’ts in hydrogen project planning, design and delivery including essential steps in carrying out feasibility studies, detailed engineering design and plant commissioning.


How to foster global Hydrogen collaborations with digital platforms


Mariana Galvão Lyra
LUT University – School of Business and Management | Postdoctoral Researcher, Greenrenew platform
Kateryna Kryzhanivska
LUT University – School of Business and Management | Junior Researcher, Greenrenew platform
Charlotte Hussy
German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) | Advisor || Women in Green Hydrogen | Co-Founder


Explore how digital community platforms can be used for inter-organizational collaboration and the collective development of Hydrogen solutions. Uncover new techniques too, such as Fast Expert Teams.


How to leak test fuel cell and hydrogen specific components


Daniel Schönbohm
MACEAS GmbH | Head of Sales


Leak testing plays a key role in checking the quality of Hydrogen and fuel cell products and components. This workshop digs deep into helium leak testing for bipolar plates, cryogenic tanks and more.


How to drive safety with Ultrasonic Hydrogen Leak Detection technology


Claudio Fecarotta
MSA Safety | Senior Business Development Manager
Andrzej Janowski
MSA Safety | Customer Marketing Manager


Ultrasonic technology detects compressed Hydrogen gas leaks “At the Speed of Sound”. Find out how it can be applied to ensure you maintain the highest level of safety with faster gas leak detection.


How to enable the H2 mobility transition also for large flows


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Klaus Hoff
NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP | Managing Director


Compression technology is at the heart of Hydrogen refueling stations. Learn the differences between diaphragm and piston compressors and how to handle higher discharge pressures without lubrication.


How to use simulations to find the right HRS concept for each user


Jens Wulff
NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP | Managing Director Operations


Increase your understanding of Hydrogen refueling stations. Get an overview of station types and applications as well as regulations, standards, component interaction, simulation and more.


How to affordably deploy H2 vehicle refueling infrastructure at scale


Anthony Ku
NICE America Research | Chief Technology Officer
Jimmy Xianming Li
NICE America Research | Director of Hydrogen Energy
Jordan McRobie
NICE America Research | Director of Business Development and Commercial Partnerships


Find out how new modular refueling systems can accelerate the growth of hydrogen fueling infrastructure networks for medium and heavy duty fuel cell vehicles.


How to realistically configure hydrogen for commercial aviation


Michael Kramer
NOVAdev Inc. | President
Richard Bartz
NOVAdev Inc. | VP Business Development


Learn about a unique 2-stage program for Hydrogen aircraft with ranges from 800 to 3,000 km and service entry date of 2028. Discover innovations in H2 storage, H2 turbine-electric generation, and distributed propulsion power.


How to evaluate business opportunities for hydrogen ecosystems


Ryan Hassoun
P3 Group | Hydrogen Technology Lead at P3
Christoph Mohring
P3 Group | Hydrogen Economy Lead at P3


What are the main cost drivers of Hydrogen price? How much do you know about CAPEX and OPEX for H2 projects? What about regulatory incentive schemes in Germany? Join and all will be revealed!


How to choose components and materials for Hydrogen applications


Clara M Moyano
Parker Hannifin – Instrumentation Products Division Europe | Senior Materials Engineer
Robert Airey
Parker Hannifin – Sales Companies Europe | Product & Applications Development Manager
Fabian Brücker
Parker Hannifin – Fluid Connectors Group Europe | Market Development Manager
Gary Wain
Parker Hannifin – Instrumentation Products Group Europe | Market Development Manager


An in-depth discussion based on the material science of hydrogen components, including 316 stainless steel and TPU soft seals, and how they perform and react in H2 applications


How to make hydrogen projects economically viable with carbon pricing


Sonja Butzengeiger
Perspectives Climate Group | Managing Partner
Dr. Axel Michaelowa
Perspectives Climate Group | Senior Founding Partner
Ian Kuwahara
Verra | Director – Industrial GHG Innovations


Learn how carbon pricing can improve the viability of low-carbon H2 projects and what needs to be done to harness carbon markets. What’s more, you’ll find out about methods for carbon credit generation.


How to supply test systems with precise hydrogen based gas mixtures


Matthias Bohn
PRO rare & pure gases GmbH | Managing Director || SIGA GmbH | Managing Director


An essential workshop for those interested in gas control and measurement: Learn from the knowledgeable suppliers of precise mixing and dosing systems for Hydrogen-powered test bench applications.


How to apply hydrogen propulsion to high-horsepower maritime vessels


Elias Van Sickle
SWITCH Maritime | Director of Operations & Commercial Development


Uncover the findings from a case study on the first Hydrogen fuel cell-powered ferry. You’ll also find out more about zero-carbon technology and explore scalability to other vessel types.

How to Sustain Digitized Hydrogen Business


Van-Luong Ngo
Syntax Systems | Team Manager IIOT, Analytics & AI
Prof. Dr. Andreas Thümmel
University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt


Why and how technology and business need to mesh for further establishing the use of hydrogen


How to touch hydrogen future


Rosa Puentes
Co-editor & Co-author of “Touching Hydrogen Future”
Erik Rakhou
Initiator and Co-author of “Touching Hydrogen Future”
Thomas Querrioux
Co-author of “Touching Hydrogen Future”
Lavinia Tanase
Co-author of “Touching Hydrogen Future”
Prof. Konstantin Lenz
Co-author of “Touching Hydrogen Future”


What would a Hydrogen-powered future look like? Get an overview of the future H2 market across the globe as well as insights into how to build a Hydrogen economy, including enablers and missing links.

How to qualify your product by certification and type approval


Dr. Thomas Gallinger
TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH | Head of Hydrogen Projects
Florian Michl
TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH | Senior Expert Hydrogen Safety
Raphael Mayer
TÜV SÜD Industrie Service GmbH | Technical Lead Alternative Fuel Components


Certification and type approval procedures are essential to ensure a product meets the necessary requirements. Find out about different approaches for stationary and mobile Hydrogen applications.


How to get started with your fuel cell bus project in Europe


Thomas Zorn
Tyczka Hydrogen GmbH | COO
Dr. Christoph Stiller
Tyczka Hydrogen GmbH | Head of Business Development


A chance to explore the state of development of fuel cell buses and their regulatory drivers. Plus, you’ll get an overview of bus suppliers, technology, supply chains, refueling stations and more.


How to obtain suitable conditions from banks and insurers


Stefan Garche
VDE Renewables (VDE Group) | Head of Hydrogen Technologies
André Rolfes
GEFA BANK | Head of Sustainability, Finance & CSR
Patrick Hinze
Munich RE | Global Head of Emerging Green Tech Solutions


Bankability and insurability are key issues affecting investment. Find out how a streamlined method will help the financial sector provide suitable conditions for products, projects or procedures.


How to handle hydrogen


Dr.-Ing. Hans-Christian Früh
VOSS Fluid GmbH | Head of Business Unit Fluid Transport and Storage


Get a grip on Hydrogen handling through in-depth examples illustrating the safety, efficiency and scalability aspects of fluid management. Plus, gain insight into the importance of system tuning.


How to establish hydrogen as a relevant energy carrier for mobility


Markus Lechthaler
Wolftank Adisa GmbH | Managing Director
Jörg Neugärtner
DRK32 GmbH | Manager H2 Business Germany
Gernot Mariacher
Wolftank Hydrogen GmbH | Business Development Manager


How to reduce hydrogen project costs by working in partnership


Dr. Kerry-Ann Adamson
Worley | Global Strategic Advisor – Hydrogen
Stephen Scott
Advisian | North America Sector Lead – Hydrogen
Juliana Damasceno
Worley | Business Development Lead Latin America – Hydrogen


Are you looking to develop large integrated H2 projects? Hear about standardization efforts and learn from practical examples of project development in North America and Latin America.


How to Deliver Clean Hydrogen and Maintain Clean Hydrogen Lines


Radiša Nunić
Worthington Industries | Director European Sales and Public Affairs – Alternative Fuels I HDV Sustainable Energy Solutions


Understand the role gas street components play in delivering clean hydrogen from storage and transport containers, through onboard fueling systems, to vehicles’ fuel cells.


How to optimize the sourcing & costing process of your H2 projects


Xavier Sauge


Are you a buyer or supplier who wants to combine climate protection and business development ? With XYDROMARK ®, new innovative international marketplace, first-of-its-kind online sourcing & costing tool, learn how to source projects and promote products online while taking account of sustainability criteria.